Sunday, February 27, 2005

Full Screen in Any Window
Most know about using double-click on the title bar of a window to toggle it from full screen to restore size. Many even know that F11 will produce a full screen of the window--only one line of a combined toolbar appears on top. What was new to me was the use of Ctrl + double-click on the title bar. This creates a full screen display from the restore screen size. To get out of the full screen view, click the restore button or F11. Try it.
Big Files
When there is a LARGE file that needs sending to one or more, email can be a problem. Your email carrier may allow it, but the recipients might not. Different email carriers have different size restrictions on attachments. Then there is the security issue. Many are blocking and even rejecting any email that contains an attachment. Well, there are a number of Web sites out there that allow you to post your file(s) and send others the link to it by email. This eliminates two issues, (1) the maximum attachment issue and (2) the blocking of attachments. Since they have already read your email, clicking on the supplied link to get the file is easy and foolproof. Try it out at
Ever wish you could have a spell checker in a program that does not support one? Like when using Notepad to create a web page, or WordPad to write a quick note, or even in your email program... If you are connected, as most of us are, head over to Just copy/paste your word or words to be checked and click the "SpellCheck Text" button. When done, if you found errors, copy/paste the corrected text back. Quick, easy, and free.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Don't think you do not have a problem with spyware. If you are on the Internet, emailing, or simply installing software from others, you probably have it installed and don't even know it. I had been using a program called Ad-Aware on a regular basis; I still recommend it. Another one is Spybot. Both companies have lite versions that are free and more powerful versions you can purchase.

Microsoft is beta testing its version. I downloaded it the other day and it works great, finding some spyware that the other programs missed. And it runs all the time, protecting my computer from receiving spyware before it infects and slows down my system.

If you want to give it a try, download the free beta version at: