Friday, July 03, 2009

Keyboard Shortcuts

Over the years I have accumulated a number of shortcuts I find useful in my everyday dealings with the commputer. This list is not in any particular order. I suggest reading it one at a time and trying them out. Start to use them a little at a time and you will be surprised how your productivity improves. These simple keyboard clicks save me time as I use applications daily.

Please let me know of others you may use. I always like to add to my toolbox.

Win+D - Minimizes all open windows so you can see the desktop. A second tap restores them
Win+E - Opens Windows File Mamanger
Win+F - Launches Windows search
Win+L - locks they keyboard and can only be unlocked with your windows password.
Win+Pause - Opens the System Properties
Win+R - Opens the Run dialog box
Win+Pause - Opens System Properties
Win+U+U - to shut down
Win+U+R - to restart
Alt+F4 - Closes the active window/application
Ctrl+Alt+Del - Opens the Task Manager
Ctrl+F - accesses the Find feature in the currently-running program
Ctrl+Shift-F9 - Removes hyperlinks in MS-Word (great for cleaning up pasted web pages)
Shift+Alt+D in Word pastes the current date in the default format
Ctrl+; in Excel pastes the current date
Shift+Ctrl+C in MS-Word copies the format (same as format painter)
Shift+Ctrl+V in MS-Word copies the saved format
Ctrl+1, 2, and 5 in MS-Word changes the spacing to single, double, or space and a half
Shift+F3 in MS-Word toggle the case from UPPER, to lower, to Sentance case
F4 in MS-Excel toggle $ in a cell reference
Alt+= in MS-Excel is AutoSum
Alt+F9 in MS-Excel to reveal the hidden programming behind the text
Ctrl+X, C, and V are used in most programs to Cut, Copy, and Paste to the Windows clipboard
Ctrl+H in Word opens Find and Replace
Ctrl+N in Windows Explorer 7 and earlier opens a duplicate window
Ctrl+S opens the Save dialog in most programs
Shift+Ctrl+S opens the SaveAs dialog in some programs
Ctrl+O opens the Open dialog in most programs
Ctrl+Z is undo in most programs
Ctrl+Y is redo in most programs
Ctrl+P opens the print dialog in most programs
Ctrl+A selects all items in most programs
F5 restores the current window
F2 opens the rename function for the selected item
F1 opens the Help function in most programs
PrtScrn causes the picture of the desktop screen to be saved in the Windows clipboard
Alt+PrtScrn causes the picture of the active window to be saved in the Windows clipboard
Ctrl+L, E, R, and J in MS-Word for aligning Left, Center, Right, and Justified
=rand(p,s) in MS-Word generates random text (p=# paragraphs, s=# sentances)