Monday, December 16, 2013

The New Yahoo Mail

Three things bothered me about the new look and feel of Yahoo Mail.

1. My tabs were gone
2. The new "conversation" view
3. The need to scroll down to click SEND

Well the tabs were not fixed, but they did add a new Recent folder in the left column that lets  me see the emails I have looked at. It even shows me the email I am I the middle of composing so I can get beck into it.

I found how to turn off that nasty (my opinion) conversation view. Click the gear in the upper right corner. Then Settings > Viewing email. Uncheck the Enable conversations check box. Now you get to see things the way you used to.

On that same screen you can change to the basic email format and skip all the new stuff.

To get to the bottom of the screen to use the tool bar, press Ctrl+End. When you are finished writing your response you can Ctrl+End and then click SEND. Or you can just press Ctrl+Enter instead.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thoughts on Browsers

It does not matter which browser we choose to use; chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, etc. They each allow us to either type an exact address (URL) to a website or one or more words to cause the browser to access our default search engine to look for a site. 

However, remember that a search engine allows us to guess the location of a site to visit. Knowing the actual URL gives us immediate access taking away the guesswork. Guessing can easily take us to places we should not go allowing the potential for us to capture all types of malware in our travels. 

So when searching, look at the results and where your next click will take you. Is it what you were looking for?