Thursday, January 24, 2008

Instant Virus Check

Wonder if there is a virus lurking around in your machine right now? If you have an Internet connection, try out This is especially useful when you are away from your own machine or even using your notebook at one of the local WiFi available restaurants or coffee houses. It work very quickly--try it out.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Getting Rid of U3

Not to be confused with R2D2, U3 is an application that is piggybacked on the SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash drives. The Cruzer flash drives are a nice size and I like the slider to expose the connection. Those darn caps seem to always get lost or do not stay on after a while. However, I am not thrilled with the included U3 and extra software that comes with it. It takes too much time to mount the drive, I do not want the extra software, and I want all the gigs I paid for.

This procedure will remove U3

1. Open your browser to:

2. Download the application

3. Plug in the flash drive and wait for the U3 launch pad to load.

4. Run the application choosing one of the two options. Both options remove U3 and format the drive. (Yes ) keeps all your data (takes about 1 hr/gb) or (No) destroys all data on the drive (takes about 10 sec)

You now have a full sized USB flash drive without the U3 application