Monday, April 30, 2012

Editing the SendTo List

It is just a folder like any other folder on your hard drive. The catch is you have to find it to change it.

In XP, 7, or Vista use Win+R to open the run dialog and enter shell:sendto. Press Enter and the folder will open.

If you want to delete an item, right-click it and select Delete.

If you want to add a new item, copy its shortcut into the folder. For example, you might want to be able to send a file to a specific folder without having to always open that folder. Perhaps a BACKUP folder for files you want to remember to take with you on your flash drive. Just drag that folder into the SendTo folder and a shortcut to it will be created in the SendTo list. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Make it Bigger

When looking at a Webpage, there are times when the font size is just too small.

I have mentioned before that you can make it larger by simply using Ctrl +.

Sometimes you may need to make it smaller when the button to be pressed is below the edge of the screen and you just cannot get it to move up. Use Ctrl - and the content in the browser windows gets smaller.

Ctrl 0 restores the size to normal.

Well there is another way as well. Hold the Ctrl key down and use the scroll button on your mouse. Push it away from you to make it larger and towards you to make it smaller. You still need Ctrl 0 to bring it back to normal.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Website Counters

There are many Website counters available to add to your pages. Some are free and others cost either a one time fee or a subscription. Some just count. Other gather statistics about the visitors to your page.

I just found one that is free, only counts first time visitors, and maintains statistics about who those visitors were.

There are many formats and colors you can choose from and an options to be invisible. I left mine visible and show the name of the counter for others to see. Check it out on my site at http;://

Double click on the counter and you will be taken to the counter site. To see my statistics you have to sign on, but you can see all the features of the counter. They will also email you your statistics weekly. Pretty neat.

You do not have a Website? No problem, use it on your eBay listing, your blog page, or any other page you have on the Web.

Password Creator

Looking for a simple way to generate a password you can remember and that is still considered a strong password? Download this simple Excel file and give it a try:

It takes the first three letters of your first name beginning it with an uppercase letter, the first three of your first name, and adds the last four numbers of your phone number. To make it even more secure add a special character to the end, like a %. You can go one step further by always changing letters such as i to the number 1, o to a zero, and e to a 3.

In the above example Smigeo1212 would end up as Sm1ge01212% and that would be tough to crack! And knowing the formula that created it, you could easily remember it later.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Case Converter

I do not like to forward an email that IS WRITTEN IN ALL UPPERCASE. It is hard to read and is considered shouting at the person you are sending it to. To clean up an email from those >>, short lines, and other junk I do use emailstripper. I copy and paste the email content into it, click strip it, and then paste the results back into the email.

Works great, but it does not fix the UPPERCASE issues. In the past I have had to copy the stripped results into Word and change the case, then copy it back to emailstripper to get rid of all the word background junk, and finally into the email.

Word takes a while to start up and often I am on a computer that does not have Word installed. Along comes Case Converter ar

Copy the text into the window on case converter and you can choose from four options: Uppercase, Lowercase, Propercase, or Sentence Case. Then copy and paste it to wherever your wish.