Saturday, March 16, 2013

Outlook the New Hotmail

Were you surprised to get that email from Hotmail saying they were importing your account over to I know I was and the new UI (user interface) does not look like the old Hotmail UI. After poking around for a while I figured out how to do those tasks I was familiar with in Hotmail. I wrote the following white paper to help those who are still struggling with the same questions.

Outlook the New Hotmail
by Dick Evans,

Hotmail has been given a new look. This paper gives some examples of how to do what you did before using the new interface.

Mine started up with the above look. Left column shows all my folders, like it did in Hotmail. Next is the list of emails to be read. To the right is a preview of the email that is selected (in blue above). And to the right of that are ads. You can control the layout by click the gear in the title bar to the left of your name.

Click to read the full white paper in PDF form...