Saturday, January 23, 2016

Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance
by Dick Evans,
updated 1-19-2016

I am often asked what I use to keep my computer safe and running fast. This is what I use, but I am not guaranteeing them. I have never had a problem using them, but I cannot be held responsible if running them causes an issue with your computer.

Some basics regarding email. I usually let my email site (Yahoo for me) decide what is spam and although I look through it to make sure I have not missed an important email I usually just remove them. I have my emails set to not display images unless they are in my contact list. Images can be a source of malware. If I want the images to show, I can do so when I open the email. this also greatly speeds up my access to email. I rarely open any videos sent to me or open links sent within an email.

There are a number of programs listed below and I do use all of them. Many appear to do the same thing, but they each seem to find things the others do not. I run Glary daily and the others about once a week. My active files are backed up to the cloud using Mozy and I run Reflect backup about once a month to create an image of the hard drive on an external drive. I let each program update when it runs so I have the latest definitions available. I DO NOT accept the trial versions or allow them to add other programs or toolbars. Be careful to read the screens before you press OK or Continue buttons.

  1. FREE Microsoft Defender for my AntiVirus
    1. runs and updates automatically
    2. Windows 8-10 has Defender built in. If it came with McAfee or Norton, you can uninstall and use Defender
  2. FREE cleaner which remove junk from the computer and cleans up the registry file
    1. I run it periodically and whenever my machine seems to be slowing down
  3. FREE set of utility programs
    1. I run this every day using the 1-click tab
  1. FREE the defragger in Glary Utilities which brings segmented pieces of file together
    1. run periodically from the Advanced tab to keep the file system defragged
  2. FREE malware checker
    1. I run it periodically and whenever my machine seems to be slowing down
  3. FREE Spyware Checker: SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
    1. I run this about once a week. It removes spyware the other programs miss and checks for toolbar issues as well.
  4. FREE local backup from Macrium called Reflect
    1. Needs an external USB drive of 250 gb; 1 tb is better
    2. I run this at least once a month. It make as complete backup of my computer in an image format. If the hard drive has issues, I can use this image to bring my complete system back to the date of that last image. No need to reinstall anything.
  5. FREE cloud backup from Mozy
    1.  Use the code GFBU22 for extra .25 gb
    2. Gives you 2.25 gb of free storage in the cloud if you use the above code, which you will key in at the recommendation page. I suggest letting it backup all your data EXCEPT pictures and movies. You should be way under the free limit. Your images and movies will be backed up in the local image backup. For additional backup of them, use a USB flash drive or burn to DVD’s.