Friday, January 06, 2006

SaveAs Shortcut
No matter how much we think we know there is always something new to learn. With computers, this is true all the time. Yesterday, while reading some web page somewhere, I came across a reference to a shortcut to opening the SaveAs dialog box in Word.

In Word, on the menu bar, if you click File, the Save option has the shortcut Ctrl+S listed to the right. I use this one all the time to save the document I am working on. This works for almost every application and has since the early days.

F12 will open the SaveAs dialog box in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is not listed on the File menu, but it works great. Next time you open a document to use it as a template for a new document, press F12 before getting started to save it with its new name so you do not click Save and override the original. This shortcut is unique to these three programs.