Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Show Hidden Passwords

Most of my user names and passwords are set in my browser so when I access that site all I have to do is click sign in. Well I tried to sign into an account on a different machine and I had forgotten the password. When I went on this machine all I could see was *****. I did not want to click the forgot password link because it would have me change the password and it was working in my other machines and on my phones. 

Google search to the rescue once again. There is an add-on for Chrome that will reveal a password when you click in the ****** field. It is called Show Password on Focus. I added the app and restarted Chrome. Then I went back to the sign in screen and clicked the **** field. The asterisks changed to the visible password and I used it on the new machine. Cool. 

Here is the link to add it to your Chrome browser

And here is method #2 built right into Chrome. You can display all the saved user names and passwords in Chrome by entering the following URL into a new tab: http://chrome://settings/passwords

When you click on one of the password fields a button displays to the right of the password.

Click Show to display the actaul password instead of the asterisks.

Monday, August 12, 2013

iDrive FREE Cloud Backup

I came across this backup site the other day. They give you 5gb for free. Like them on Facebook and get .5gb more. The like them on Twitter and get another .5gb. And finally setup and use the service for an additional .5gb. That is a total of 6.5gb for free and more than enough for all my critical files.

You set the folders and the time to backup each day and it just happens. When it finishes you get a display on screen of how many files it backed up and an email in your inbox to let you know it did the backup.

Click the link below and give it a try. Nothing to lose and a safe place to keep your critical files.