Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Using Yahoo or Gmail as default

By Dick Evans

When I click on an email link on a Web site, my system wants to open Outlook to send it. I do not use Outlook; I use Yahoo mail. How do I make Yahoo my default email in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox?

Install the Yahoo toolbar (

Check the box that says “Install the Yahoo! Mail Plug-in and make Yahoo! Mail my default Mail Provider”. And note how I handled the check boxes…

Click I Agree and install the Toolbar.

When you click on an email link, you will be asked to set the default to Yahoo! or Gmail. Then every time you click to email you will go to the email provider of choice.

This works for Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you are using Chrome, when you click the link Internet Explorer opens in your default email provider.
Don't want the toolbar?
After you have installed, you can hide or remove the toolbar and the default email selection will remain changed.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Forward Email from Comcast

I have a number of email addresses, but the one I use all the time is my Yahoo account. I hardly ever look at my Comcast emails and may be missing some email from Comcast I really need to look at. The solution is to make all emails coming in to the Comcast account automatically forward to my Yahoo account—this could be any email account.

Log in to

Go to Email

Click the Preferences tab

Click Email Filters

Click New Filter

Fill out the form—wildcard is an asterisk. Enter the email address you want your mail to go to.

Click OK

The filter is now in place and all mail will go to your forwarding address. Test it out by sending an email to your Comcast email address and make sure it ends up in your forwarded mailbox.